Branimir Sabljic


Influenced by graffiti, which he started painting at a young age, artist and designer Branimir Sabljić still to this day enjoys putting paint on walls. Having created more than twenty murals to date, you can see in his fresh and original work, “a true 3D style”.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Branimir graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in graphic design. He has been working for the past 15 years as a designer and art director in large design studios and marketing agencies and also for the largest publishing house in Croatia.

Branimir has been commissioned for several interior design projects, and his work has been published in numerous books including, Lettering Large by Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic. This book explores how typographic work has extended beyond print to stand on its own through branding, sculpture and graffiti. Branimir also works to promote the arts by organising graffiti-jam events for children and youth.