Minh Nguyen


Vietnamese artist Minh Nguyen has an insatiable curiosity and is interested in learning everything he can. From childhood, he established a regular habit of drawing. During his teenage years, he participated in writing content as a journalist and producing illustrations for many national and international magazines. After graduating as valedictorian from HCM University of Architecture 2011, he joined the army. Upon discharge, he continued to work as the art director of Car & Sports Magazine, while simultaneously working as an illustrator and visualizer in both advertising and film.

Minh states that he “feels the transformation of the world flow in all aspects, mainly through the digital spirit of updating and posting every day via social media.” Watching his one year- old son grow has allowed him to move forward along a new path and to experience life from a new perspective. He conveys these emotions through his art.

Currently, he lives with his small family and owns a private business.


Portfolio: http://nguyennhatminh.com/
Instagram: @minhnguyen_artist