Anna Ygdevik


Anna Ygdevik is a Swedish artist and graphic designer living and working in Stockholm. She produces art under the name MokiAna. Her artistic expression is influenced by figure skating and Anna, ‘a true figure skating lover’ aims to convey the intensity and energy of the sport through her work.

“My art is about discovering new and old concepts. The composition is primarily based on a dreamlike portrait with strong colours, motion and playfulness that gives positive energy. I am inspired by colours, energy and catching the moment. For the last three years figure skating has become my artistic expression. My art expresses the intensity and energy that I find in figure skating. My work is characterised by emotional effects and conscious use of strong colours.”

She exhibits her work in galleries in Sweden and in connection with figure skating championships. Anna’s clientele is primarily within the figure skating community.

Anna is a graphic design graduate of Bergh’s School of Communication and the Graphic Institute in Stockholm. She has significant industry experience working across artwork, graphic design, magazine layout and package design projects. Anna also studied photography and considers it a valuable skillset in her work as a graphic designer when collaborating with photographers, artists and media.

“Most often I start painting and seeing where it leads. I go into the creative process, trust in myself and make my own choices.”


Instagram: @mokiana_art