Linus Rosén


Linus Rosén is a modern abstract artist who aims to describe the unknown and provoke new strains of thought in his viewers.

He enjoys the freedom and potential of creating abstract art as he believes this is a medium where creativity is endless. Describing his art, Linus says “I want my work to describe many different emotional areas, for now, it’s mostly been about pain and the beauty of the structure in our world.”

Linus resides in Katrineholm, Sweden. His art is produced using acrylic techniques and influenced by the works of Pablo Picasso and Mikael Brandrups, also known as ‘KETS’.

He is currently creating an online portal where he can sell his original art and prints. His long term goal is to develop his company, The Ultimate Artwork, and build his client base and commercial portfolio.


Instagram: @elazart.o