Heitor Menezes


Heitor Menezes is a Brazilian artist and illustrator who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Unsurprisingly, his work is inspired by the immensity of the sea and coastal regions; from fishermen’s stories to forgotten legends that trigger one’s imagination in the daily life of people who live by the sea.

His work is created on the basis of negative spaces, understanding that by revealing clarity within the darkness, there is a direct reference to the narratives created and illustrated by him. Those narratives intend to exhibit mysteries and legends.

Heitor Menezes is a former design graduate of the National School of Fine Arts, Brazil. During his bachelor’s degree he participated in art fairs and exhibitions. Highlights include Exposição Reflexos, at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Brazil (2017). He also received the ‘Super Mensão 8’ award from Curta 8 Festival, at the CAIXA Cultural Curitiba, Brazil (2017).


Portfolio: https://heitormenezes.com/
Instagram: @heitormenezes