Léane Delanchy


Léane Delanchy is a graphic designer who uses a mixture of digital tools and analogue media to create her striking artwork and illustrations.

Of her influences, she says, “The feminine, the beauty, the sacred and the symbolic inspire me enormously.”

She works using a combination of analogue and digital techniques. Her use of watercolour complement the dreamy, feminine style that characterises her aesthetic.

Describing her style Léane says, “My passion for images and illustrations is complemented by graphics and new technologies.”

Léane is currently in her third year of studying graphic design at E-Artsup, a digital arts college located in Bordeaux, France. Alongside her studies, Léane is developing her freelance practice and is amassing a list of reputable clients.

She enjoys using social media to increase the visibility of her work as well as engaging with the vibrant emerging artistic community on Instagram.


Portfolio: http://leanedelanchy.fr/
Instagram: @lait_ane