Sonal Nathwani


Born in Malawi to Indian parents, Sonal grew up in England, moved to Italy and subsequently, Austria, where she now lives with her husband and two sons.

Sonal’s love of art was rekindled by an opportunity to study at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. This experience ultimately led Sonal to leave a career in finance to pursue her passion for painting. She now spends her studio time creating art for various markets and companies including Artfully Walls, Minted, Anthropologie and Pottery Barn Teens. Sonal also recently led painting workshops in Vienna, Rome and Chicago.

Infinitely inspired by nature, her signature abstract florals embrace the power of colour, a free spirit and the beauty of imperfection.

“For me it’s all about doing what I love, showing other people what I see and making their space a little bit more beautiful.”


Instagram: @sonaln