Ingrid Ching


Ingrid Ching is a personal brand that embodies a unique, playful and intricate aspect of the artist. She says, “My art enables me to develop a voice where my words end, it is the result of an unending desire to express myself and all I’ve absorbed”.

Her work is inspired by her life experiences and travels, having lived in Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. Ingrid describes her artwork as an “Abstract look into celebrating the world’s cultures and embodying the individual.”

Her art is characterised by ornate embellishment and many colours and shapes. She creates diverse and plentiful pieces that elicit unfiltered, emotional responses. Her work is primarily produced using acrylic, gouache and watercolour techniques.

Ingrid’s art has been exhibited at Superfine!, New York City and Willow Street Gallery, Washington DC. Today, Ingrid runs her creative practice from her studio in Philadelphia, PA. She is represented by The TAX Collection, Guy Hepner and Artnet.


Instagram: @ingridandching