Olga Sutemyeva (Sutem)


Moscow based designer, illustrator and artist Olga Sutemyeva produces work under the pseudonym, Sutem.

Olga has worked as a lead designer and children’s illustrator for various publications as well as collaborating with publishers and advertising agencies producing work for a vast range of high profile projects.

She channels inspiration for her work from a diverse range of sources including Pop art, vintage nature magazines and music. Currently, Olga prefers to explore the style of planar decorate illustration.

“What is interesting to me is not realism, but the thought that the image conveys, the mood that arises in the viewer when viewing.”

Recently she has been investing more time in education and children’s projects, such as volunteering in children’s hospitals where she paints bright murals to bring joy and escapism to those that need it most.


Portfolio: https://www.sutem.net/
Instagram: @sutemosa