Elízabeth Torres / Ms. Neverstop


Elízabeth is a poet, illustrator, multimedia artist and translator, creating under the moniker Ms.Neverstop. Originally from Colombia, Elízabeth grew up in the United States and studied Media & Film and Fine Arts at Kean University. She then moved to NY, where she founded Red Door Magazine.

Elízabeth is the author of 20 books with which she has toured the US, Europe, and Latin America. She is a frequent lecturer at universities and festivals.

Her work is a flow of expressions, intertwining visual, auditive and written content to deliver a tangible, poetic experience. She is very passionate about the combination of handmade traces and digital technologies.

Elízabeth resides in Copenhagen, where she directs Red Door gallery and is CRM Coordinator for Albatros Expeditions.


Portfolio: http://msneverstop.com/
Instagram: @ms.neverstop