Jillian Bennett


Jillian is a Californian artist relocating to Phoenix, Arizona. She studied at the University of Hawaii, Lorenzo de’ Medici School of Art in Italy, and later at Cambridge School of Arts in England where she completed and received her Masters.

Inspired by Taoist art culture, Jillian enjoys conveying tiny figures nestled in large landscapes, commenting on the expansiveness of the natural world. When she studied artists like Anselm Kiefer and John Virtue, she was deeply moved by the emotion and atmosphere that their work portrayed. Propelled by these influences, Jillian allows herself to explore expressive mark-making without timidity. All the while, she uses the meticulous process of repeated deconstruction and reconstruction to create a world of layers within a single image.


Portfolio: https://jilliantheartist.com/
Instagram: @jillbirdee