Úlfar Örn Valdimarsson


Born in Iceland in 1952, artist Úlfar Örn grew up visiting his grandparents’ farm amid the mountains of Eyjafjöll.

In his work, you can see the influence of his environment and his connection to nature. “A clearer picture of life is hard to imagine where work and play combine. Everything became an adventure. War and peace in the battle with the forces of nature – that is what it was all about.”

Úlfar Örn studied graphic design and illustration both in Reykjavík and Stockholm and has worked in advertising and as an illustrator for many years. Over the years he has practiced his drawing skills vigorously as drawing is the base of all his work. In his drawings, Úlfar Örn uses either dip pen and ink on paper or oil/acrylic on canvas.

“I have more recently been painting horses using oil on canvas, to explore the form of the horse from various angles and my perspective has moved closer and closer to the horse’s eye. These are my studies of the mind and soul of the Icelandic horse. What are these creatures thinking, living in this rough country together with us human beings. Does the eye tell you anything?”


Portfolio: http://www.ulfarorn.com/
Instagram: @ulfarorn.art