Janna Dorothy


Janna Dorothy is a collage artist, illustrator and designer in Portland, Oregon.

She works by hand, gathering images from old books and meticulously re-assembling them into surrealist dreamscapes. Clippings matched perfectly by texture and hue also bring together disparate mythologies, places, timelines, and archetypes. The process feels like part divination, part puzzle-solving without the box. It’s a playful way to explore such themes as climate change, activism, spirituality, sacred geometry and astrology. Janna agrees with modern mystics like Terrence Mckenna who believe the artist’s job is to bring soul back into the world. With every piece, she hopes to illustrate humanity’s divine interconnectivity with the cosmos.

In 2017 she was honoured to feature in Making the Cut: World’s Best Collage Artists, Volume.1.

She’s worked for Anthropologie, OM yoga Center and Medicine Collective. Janna’s personal work includes a collaboration with Embodied Astrology to produce complimentary visuals for horoscopes.


Portfolio: https://www.jannadorothy.com/
Instagram: @janna_dorothy