Elwin van der Hoofd


Dutch artist Elwin van der Hoofd started his career as a photographer in 2015 after studying photography in Munich, Germany. Since then, he has worked as a commercial photographer of still life, architecture and art photography.

Driven and influenced by a strong passion for various disciplines such as film and CGI, he widens his technical and artistic skills through professional training and private projects to push his boundaries. This has enabled him to work on film and photographic commercial projects across Europe, Canada and South Africa.

The style of his artwork is characterised by a clear visual language, strong shapes and sharp lines. He focusses on geometry and structure with an eye for details and captivating contrasts. He is interested in large scale imagery with great impact, as well as trying to find the beauty in everyday objects and environments.

Elwin van der Hoofd (born 1991) currently lives in the Munich, Germany and works as a photographer and video editor.


Portfolio: http://www.elwinvanderhoofd.com/
Instagram: @elwin_vanderhoofd