Maeva Fouche’


Maeva Fouche’ is a self-taught artist who relies upon her feelings, imagination and passion when directing her brush strokes.

She graduated from Kean University with a B.F.A in Interior Design. Fouche’ studied the history of art in college and cited this as a significant inspiration for her career. She believes that the masters of art leave great lessons through their work and is continuously learning from Picasso, Giorgio De Chirico and Frank Stella.

Learning to use AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop contributed to her artistic process. Working with lines, space planning and colour theory has enabled her to think outside of the norm when creating. She prefers using acrylic paint to produce her characteristically vibrant geometric art.

Maeva says, “I’ve felt my art shift the energy within the person viewing it.” She acknowledges the emotional reaction of the viewer during her creative process. By intentionally projecting positive energy onto the canvas she aims to encourage visual and emotionally stimulating responses to her work.


Instagram: @maevafouche