Mert Kilzay


Born and raised in Turkey, Mert Kizilay is now a Los Angeles based designer, director and artist.

Mert studied fine arts, drawing, painting and mixed media. He has always been attracted to sound and music. He used to collect sounds in order to create compositions of his own.

His first step into filmmaking was studying cel animation. His interest in other mediums expanded quickly; experimenting with different materials, different animation techniques, digital art, live action, stop motion and composing. He has made several award winning short films and has participated in art shows.

After three years of experience in the motion design industry, he moved to Los Angeles and joined to yU+co as a generalist, and he eventually became Creative Director. His focus on storytelling and conceptual thinking became more acute, and his responsibilities were expanded to writing, pitching and leading various projects. He has worked on several titles for film and TV.


Instagram: @mertkizilay