Eugene Kurlandsky


Eugene Kurlandsky is a painter based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He studied a Bachelor of Arts focused on Sculpture and Painting followed by a Master’s in Architectural Studies. For many years Eugene focused on his career in architectural design, incorporating his skillset as a visual artist to progress his architectural work to produce fresh and dynamic design solutions for his clients.

Recently, he has shifted his focus back to fine arts and has exhibited at the Spring Salon in Tel Aviv 2019 which has received numerous positive reviews by critics including a feature article in arts magazine Portfolio.

Primarily using oil on canvas, occasionally acrylics, Eugene pays particular attention to the colour palettes and compositions of artists such as Matisse, Soutine, Modigliani, Hockney and Cartier Bresson. All of which are inspirations for Eugene’s latest body of work.


Instagram: @eu_arts