Georgie Hadingham


“Painting animals and wildlife, specifically endangered species, in bold and bright colours, celebrates the life of these beautiful creatures. I want to inspire and connect with people, grabbing their attention with impactful shades and whimsical designs.”

She is a self-taught artist with a special appreciation for illustration. “I developed my skills as a painter and discovered that painting in a relaxed and non-constrictive manner had a nice outcome and meant I could be more communicative within my work. This energetic painting style enables me to express the life and energy of my chosen subject. Vibrant colour has more recently become my go-to style. I love working with colour as it carries emotional resonance.”

Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources and she is a lover of illustration, street art and graffiti. Artists such as Banksy have inspired her to create work that references political issues and also carries a message to the audience. In addition to her love of painting, her interest in drawing and illustration comes from artists including Paula Bonet and Jamie Mitchell. They have influenced her work and introduced her to mixed media art. This has encouraged her to experiment with textures and combine pen, ink and watercolour to create an aesthetically appealing piece.


Instagram: @georgiehadingham