Emile Goozairow


Artist, book architect and designer Emile Goozairow currently resides in Moscow, Russia.

Emile writes, illustrates and constructs bespoke, publications that bridge the gap between architecture, graphic design, illustration and fine art. Emile’s publications push the boundaries of how traditional publications function. For example, he invented an unusual way of opening pages of a book with a self-tensioning rope mechanism that he developed. This type of construction he refers to as ‘Rope Up’. Each of his limited edition publications is unique in size, construction and content.

Emile has an unorthodox method of creating the content for his publications. He first produces the visual artwork and then writes his stories based on the visuals he has previously created.

Inspiration for his work is fed by the writing of Edgar Poe, Alexander Pushkin and Thomas Eliot. He has produced his own limited edition publications based on their works. Emile states that he chooses to self-publish to be “independent and free in his creativity”.