Susanne Kirsch


Contemporary artist Susanne Kirsch (b.1966) sees painting as a reflection of human individuality. The centre of her life and inspiration is the beautiful area of Rodenbach, Hesse.

Susanne discovered her passion for art 20 years ago. Her creative practice has evolved throughout her career, and today she specialises in large-format paintings rendered in acrylic. Enthusiasm and a love of details are essential aspects of her work. She developed her artistic foundation and creative abilities by studying the works of painter Elisabeth Wojciak. Susanne seeks to expand her techniques continuously and always looks for challenges within the art of colour painting and in her life.

She is currently exhibiting work at Heide Einrichtungshaus, Alt-Fechenheim, Frankfurt am Main and Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery, Padua, Italy.

Susanne is married and has two grown-up children. She resides in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.


Instagram: @s.kirsch