Richard Goncalves


“My artwork bridges the subconscious and human behaviour,” states Richard Gonçalves, an artist currently residing in the NYC metro area.

In examining his body of work you can encounter both vibrant and monochromatic arrangements, many containing male and female arguments. The number 3, a personally meaningful number to Richard, is used from time to time, sometimes obviously.

“I intend to break down your habits, customary beliefs and forms and expose your fears for their impact on your own world.” Working with canvas, wood panel, gesso board, metal, clay board or paper, Richard doesn’t solely use a particular set of tools as a means to convey his message. “Being able to deviate in materials affords me the ability to be more diverse when a particular project deems it necessary.”

He is a firm believer in self-sufficiency for survival and strives to disallow himself the influence of any artistic entity. “I stride and pound my own ground.”


Instagram: @richgoncalvesart