Hussein Ouf


Contemporary artist and animator Hussein Ouf states of his creative beginnings that “My earliest memory of drawing was when I took some oil crayons and drew a giant mythical creature on the longest empty white wall in our home, it took me a while to realize that my mother’s screams were not of fear of my creature, but rather for the mess I made.”

Hussein’s passion for art grew, he joined the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, and then went on to receive an animation scholarship from Vancouver Film School. From then on, and after years of experimentation, Hussein found his passion for digital art and animation. It was the ideal medium to express and communicate his thoughts and ideas.

When not working on commissioned jobs for Mirinda, GMC, or Lipton, you can find Hussein in Cairo or Vancouver still following his passion and developing his skills, or colouring an imaginary mythical creature on a virtual wall somewhere.


Instagram: @h3ouf