Marco Garofalo


Marco Garofalo is a photographer specialising in the fashion industry. Born in Naples in 1984, he began his professional fashion photography career in 1997 and began exhibiting his work in 2007. Early projects he produced enabled him to develop a clientele of Milanese fashion houses.

His academic training began in 1998 at The Higher Institute of Photography, Rome and culminated in a Master’s Degree in Photography from the IED European Institute of Design, Rome.

Marco has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art of Reggio Emilia.

He has collaborated with several galleries, such as the Galleria Mentana, Florence. His work has been exhibited throughout his native Italy, Madrid and the Agora Gallery in New York. In 2009 the artist was awarded as the ‘Best Young Creative’ by the National Italian Professional Photographers.

“Here, at last, is a young photographer, already with an international flavour, who is proposing an alternative route to the current canon of contemporary photography. Garofalo does not capture his images; but instead builds a highly scenic sense of an institution and attaches the story or an ideologically, that is ethical and even political.” - Pier Francesco Lystra, 2009