Salvador Carabante


Salvador Manzano Carabante is a painter from Málaga, southern Spain.

“My inspirations come from a wide variety of artists of all times: Bacon, Velázquez, Goya, Chagall, German Expressionism and Surrealism. My work comes from inside to outside. It’s not a description of the world around but the world inside. That way, my work always becomes a self-portrait, not of the physical reality but inner reality.”

Salvador produces his work using mixed media techniques including acrylics, oils, varnishes and sellophane paper. He studied fine art at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

An experienced arts professional, Salvador has worked as an art director in the film industry, as well as a costume designer for films and theatre. He has previously taught at MIA (Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar) specialising in workshops: ‘Muslim Miniaturism’ and ‘Fibonacci’s Spiral and the Golden Proportion’.



Instagram: @salvadorcarabante